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 [RO] Manifest pentru simplitate

“Simplitatea este o complexitate rezolvata.” Brancusi

Am ales sa spunem povestea simplitatii prin designul vestimentar. In conceperea colectiilor The ITem (www.theitem.co) mizam pe linii clasice, care nu ies din tendinte de la un an la altul, pe croieli simple si functionale. Odata imbracat, un articol The ITem lasa loc personalitatii sa se exprime, sa respire.

Articolele The ITem sunt concepute conform sloganului nostru: “Simplicity with a twist”. Fiecare articol este simplu, dar cu un element supriza, de efect.

The ITem nu presupune moda la cel mai inalt rang, ci o moda de strada, casual, accesibila si purtabila in orice sezon. Nu ne ghidam dupa ultimele tendinte in moda, ci pe piese longevive, piese care s-au purtat si care se vor mai purta multi ani de acum incolo.

Conceptul The ITem si manifestul pentru simplitate sunt concentrate in jurul magazinului online accesibil, rapid si usor de folosit.

[EN] Manifesto for simplicity

Manifesto for simplicity

“Simplicity is complexity resolved” Brancusi

We’ve chosen to tell the simplicity story through design. In the sketching process of The ITem collections, we rely on classic lines, which never go out of style, on simple, functional cuts. Once dressed, one ITem let the personality expresses, breath itself.

The ITem clothes are made according to our slogan: “simplicity with a twist”. Each ITem is simple but with a surprise element, with a twist.

The ITem doesn’t suppose to be fashion at its highest level, but a street fashion, casual, accessible and wearable in any season. We don’t follow the latest fashion trends, we rely on long lasting pieces, Items that can be worn many years from now on.

The ITem Concept and our manifesto for simplicity focus on this online platform, easy to use, fast and accessible.